International supplier of original vehicle scanners for computer diagnostics of European, Asian and American trucks and commercial transport. More over the company also provides the equipment for complex transport monitoring such as fuel level sensors, GPS/GLONASS navigation terminals and accessories for monitoring systems. A separate division of the company is engaged in the production of Adblue emulators.


  • We offer the best prices for the best diagnostic equipment. Directly from manufacturers.
  • Quality guarantees. We do not deal with counterfeit.
  • Turn-key technical assistance.
  • Instalment plans for regular customers.
  • Training.
  • Testing of entire product line. If you purchase equipment at our office, we will conduct in-vehicle demonstration.
  • Over 10 years on the market, represented in 10 countries.


Works around the world: Europe, Africa, Mexico, US, Arab Emirates.
We have 10 years of immaculate work and deakership network development in Russian Federation and in 10 countries on 4 of the world’s continents.


Our highly-qualified engineers, designers and developers are capable of tailoring equipment for task of any difficulty. Our experts are the leaders in the field, our guarantees are based on our immaculate reputation. We offer the best prices on the market of original diagnostic equipment.


Over 500 enterprises in Russia and abroad.


For over 10 years we maintain our reputation as provider of high quality goods and products, provider of complete technical assistance and of a company, that does not overprice the components, transportation and other services.
Scantruck is a safe haven from usual nightmares of purchasing and using diagnostic equipment for auto truck transportation.


  • Diagnostic equipment for all machinery types
    Equipment by developers and manufacturers for trucks, bases, special machinery, tractors, excavators, passenger cars and water transport.
  • Adblue emulators
    Equipment by developers and manufacturers. Device for disabling SCR and simulation of SCR operation without AdBlue liquid. Also compatible with defective SCR systems.
  • GPS monitoring
    Developers and manufacturers equipment for remote management of a vehicle’s parameters, satellite equipment monitoring, search of vehicles and machinery.
  • Programming tools for tachographs (tacho)
    Adjustment, calibration and configuration of parameters of tachographs during their installation on a vehicle . Allows to determine the vehicle’s characteristic coefficient (W), tachograph coefficient (K). Can be used as speed imitator for tachograph when testing odometer and speedometer.